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Divorce is not a pleasant thing to happen. Think carefully before you act. However, if that is the only option you are left with Osbourne Pinner can promise you three things:

  • You will get a 100% free initial confidential assessment of your case by one of our senior divorce solicitors
  • We will explain our affordable fee structure in a very transparent way without any hidden charges
  • We have extremely high success rate (please see our reviews) and we will put our best team to win your rights in divorce case

The end of a marriage is never easy, with emotions inevitably running high. But while difficult, the divorce process is critical to your life moving forward. That’s why it’s vital to have specialist divorce solicitors on your side.

Whether you’re considering divorce, or you need to respond to a divorce petition, Osbourne Pinner will add the experience and expertise you need to get things moving. We assist clients throughout the divorce process – from grounds for divorce through to settlement and custody – working towards the best outcome every step of the way.

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How our family law firm can help you

No two families are the same. That extends to the complex issues faced by those families – emotionally, financially and legally. To deal with family law, you need legal assistance that’s tailored to you. That’s exactly what we provide at Osbourne Pinner, starting with six key areas of family law:

Divorce – Our family law firm can assist with the various aspects of divorce to make things as quick and stress-free as possible. Read more

Divorce consent – We’ll work towards an agreement for the division of money, property and other assets in a divorce case. Read more

Divorce financial settlement – If an agreement can’t be made, we can assist in the mediation process or even the court process to reach a settlement. Read more

Child arrangement orders – Get the best outcome from custody battles for you and your children with our expert family lawyers on your side. Read more

Pre-nuptial agreements – Enter into marriage with complete confidence, knowing your money, property and assets are secured. Read more

Post-nuptial agreements – Add security and reassurance after your marriage with a post-nuptial agreement for money, property or assets. Read more

Cohabitation agreement – Create a cohabitation agreement for the division of property or get expert help on your side in any separation disputes. Read more

Civil partnership – Whether it’s pre-nuptials, property disputes or separation, our family law solicitors can help with all legal aspects of civil partnerships. Read more

Grandparents’ rights – We can help you apply for contact with your grandchildren when parents or carers are denying that right. Read more

Surrogacy – Make sure everything is above board and legally binding in your surrogacy agreement for complete peace of mind. Read more

Abusive relationships – We’ll provide the support and protection you need to get you or a loved one out of an abusive relationship for good. Read more

Divorce, dissolution and separation

The dissolution of a marriage involves a lot of emotions. But it’s also a process that can have a big impact on your future. That’s why it’s essential to have the support and expertise of family law firm on your side.

If you’re considering a divorce or need to respond to a divorce petition, Osbourne Pinner is here to help. Our team of top family law solicitors near you can provide sage advice and assistance to guide you through the very difficult situation of ending your marriage.

We’ve helped countless clients through the difficult and sometimes lengthy process. So much so that we know the process and all of its steps like the back of our hand. But that’s not all. Crucially, we also understand the challenges and emotions you’re going through, meaning we can provide compassionate support along the way.

Divorcing couple & consent order

Consent orders are legally ratified agreements made between a divorcing couple setting out how their money, property and other assets will be divided once their marriage officially ends. They commonly also include such important family financial matters as spousal maintenance and child support.

Needless to say, it’s important that you are well represented in these negotiations. Any shortcomings or ambiguity could see you left short financially or otherwise – both short- and long-term.

Osbourne Pinner’s expert family law solicitors will oversee the entire consent process, ensuring you get a fair deal in the divorce and moving forward.

Divorce & financial settlement

A key factor in any divorce is the division of assets. Whether it’s money, possessions or property, everything has to be divided between the two parties appropriately. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always go to plan. Maybe you feel like you’re entitled to more than half? Or perhaps your partner wants more and you disagree?

If two parties can’t agree of their financial settlement, the last resort is to allow the courts to make the decision. Having a family law solicitor on hand can make things as painless as possible. It will also ensure you get the best deal possible, even when it’s down to the court to decide.

However, we know how lengthy and costly this process can be. Not to mention the worry that clients have about letting the court decide their future. That’s why we do our utmost to help you reach an agreement before the court is necessary. Our top local family lawyers will assist in negotiation, correspondence and even referral to a family mediator, which could save you a lot of time and money compared to the court route.

Child arrangement order solicitors

Far more important than assets are children involved in a divorce. The first priority for almost every parent is to make sure they have fair child arrangements. Unfortunately, many couples disagree on this matter – with some even battling for full custody on both sides.

These legal battles can be vexing and stressful for all those involved. Wherever possible, we’ll work to mediate, correspond and negotiate to make court the last resort. However, many couples opt for litigation, leaving a court to decide who gets custody of the children and define the terms of custody.

Whether you want full custody, shared custody or just to ensure visitation rights, we’ll work with you to make your case as strong as it can be. With a professional and experienced family lawyer representing you, you’ll have the best possible chance of winning your case. 

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Don’t leave yourself in the dark about family law. Our central London team can answer any of your questions and give you a better idea of the next steps to resolve your case.

Pre-nuptial agreements

When you’re planning to enter into a marriage or civil partnership, you have the option of a pre-nuptial agreement. In simple terms, this states what would happen to your money and property – and that of your partner – should the marriage or civil partnership end.

Also known as a prenup or pre-marital agreement, it’s a simple way of adding security and reassurance to your marriage, as nobody ever knows what’s around the corner. However, pre-nuptial agreements aren’t strictly binding in the UK. Technically speaking, it’s not possible to have a fully binding agreement about the situation of divorce or dissolution before entering a marriage or civil partnership.

That said, pre-nuptial agreements will usually be respected by the court, unless the effect of the agreement would be unfair. In this case, it’s possible that the court might uphold part of an agreement while considering a different part to have an unfair effect.

The specialist family lawyers at Osbourne Pinner will work with you to come to a fair agreement that’s most likely to be upheld in court, giving you complete peace of mind before your marriage.

Post-nuptial agreement

Also known as a postnup or post-marital agreement, a post nuptial agreement is designed to deal with the same situation as a pre-nup. In other words, deciding what should happen to each partner’s assets after divorce. However, unlike a pre-nuptial agreement, which is agreed before a couple is married, a post-nuptial agreement is entered into by the couple during their marriage.

Again, post nuptial agreements are not strictly binding in the UK, but it is likely that a post-nuptial agreement will be respected by the court unless the effect of the agreement would be unfair.

With Osbourne Pinner’s time-served family lawyers on your side, you and your partner can agree on a post-nuptial that’s fair, water-tight and as likely as possible to be upheld in court. 

Our family law process

From the very first call, we make sure our local family law services are tailored to your requirements. Here are just some of the steps we take to assist with your family law case…


All of our clients get a free 45-minute consultation with an experienced family lawyer. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you have about our team, your case or the process going forward. Crucially, it gives our solicitors a chance to gain a better understanding of your situation and how we can help.

During the initial consultation, we’ll advise on the best course of action for your case, the legal services we can provide to help and give you a better idea of costs and timescales.

Documents and applications

Whether it’s the petition for a divorce or financial information for nuptial agreements, our top solicitors will gather all the information we need for your case. We’ll then prepare all the relevant documents and applications to keep your case moving forward without delay.


There are some instances where it’s necessary to contact people or authorities during your case. Maybe the court needs to confirm certain details, or your partner needs to respond. Rest assured, we’ll make contact with the relevant bodies to get the information, confirmation or response that’s required for your case.


We’ll manage your entire case, from start to finish, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and burden of legal complications during a difficult time. If there’s anything we need from you, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible by phone, email or post – however you’d prefer. Of course, we’ll always keep you up to date.


Our experienced family lawyers can be on hand whenever required during your nuptial agreement, child arrangement or divorce process. Need some more advice with the next stage in your divorce? Want us to mediate in a negotiation with your partner? Or just need an expert to represent you in court? Osbourne Pinner is there for you every step of the way.

London’s local family law firm

When it comes to family matters, you want a team of local family law lawyers that you can trust. A team that’s there for you whenever you need them. For people in the capital, that means a team right here in London.

Based in Piccadilly Circus, Central London, Osbourne Pinner is perfectly located to help clients in any part of London. From Richmond and Kingston upon Thames to Redbridge, Havering and Bexley, we provide the same dependable family law services near you.

Wherever you are, we’re only minutes away by tube. Where required, we can also hold consultations by phone or video call to get things started. Put simply, whether you’re in South, West, North, East or Central London, our family law solicitors are on hand to help nearby and further afield.

Family law solicitor costs

As one of London’s top family law firms, Osbourne Pinner provides a comprehensive range of family law solutions. With that in mind, costs can vary quite a lot from case to case. A pre-nuptial agreement, for instance, will be a lot quicker and simpler than a complex divorce with custody and financial settlements to arrange.

Rather than providing a misleading one-size-fits-all fee, we’ll put together an accurate quote based on your specific requirements and circumstances. Our family law solicitors will hold a no-obligation consultation to get a better understanding of your case and how we can help.

However, what we can confirm is that this initial 45-minute consultation is completely free of charge. So, you don’t have to worry about paying anything before you’ve found out about the process and the costs going forward.

Why Osbourne Pinner?

Whether it’s child arrangements, financial agreements or grandparents’ rights, family law is hugely important for you and everyone involved. It’s understandable that you only want to work with the best family law solicitors London has to offer.

Osbourne Pinner provides exactly that, with a professional team of family law lawyers and over 15 years of experience. As top family law solicitors in London, we pride ourselves on complete confidentiality, fully transparent fees and most importantly an exceptionally high success rate.

Put simply, our results-driven team combine experience, expertise and a passion for success to help our clients towards a positive outcome. You can the best results, the fastest possible turnaround and peace of mind throughout the process.

Our Seven Promises to You

  • Honest & Transparent Advice
  • Expert in substantial cases for high net worth individuals
  • A dedicated team providing a professional and personal service
  • Specialists in complex Divorce & Financial settlement cases
  • A wealth of experience and a strong reputation
  • Always work in your best interest
  • Experts in Divorce & Family Law

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