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What is a Sponsor Licence?

A Sponsor Licence plays an important role for the UK-based companies to recruit international workers outside the European Economic Area (EEA) under the Skilled Worker, ICT Route, Tier 2, and Tier 5 visas. After the approval for the licence, it will be valid for 4 years with a renewal option. However, before applying for a sponsorship licence, the company has to confirm that the relevant visa conditions are being met. There are several strict conditions and timings while applying for a Sponsor Licence.

The Need and Importance of a Sponsor Licence

It becomes important to meet customer demands in a global economy and launch innovative products/services to sustain and grow a business. Almost every sector has to employ a talented and productive workforce who can help in meeting these criteria. This creates the demand to hire talent from overseas. So having a Sponsor Licence has become really important, especially in a Post-Brexit world where the country is trying to emerge from the split. The government has also announced a post-Brexit immigration system, where skilled workers are allowed to work in the UK to help grow the country’s economy and contribute to public services. A certificate of sponsorship is a mandatory prerequisite for starting visa applications in ICT, Skilled Worker, T2 and T5 routes, along with the Tier 2 (General) and Tier 5 visa categories. When an organisation assigns a certificate of sponsorship to an individual, it confirms to the Home Office that the proposed employment conditions meet the requirements of the respective visa route.

Our Sponsor Licence Success Stories

Our team of experienced corporate immigration solicitors work across a wide range of businesses both in the EU and internationally, as well as specialist businesses with very specific requirements to sponsor foreign nationals. These are some of our most acclaimed clients:


Types of Sponsorship Licences

Companies have the choice to apply for a “Sponsor Licence for Workers” or “Sponsor Licence for Temporary Workers”.

They can even select both types if they want to sponsor both types of workers.

Tier 2

Worker Licence

A Sponsorship Licence for workers allows an organisation to employ individuals for long-term or permanently. They can employ the following individuals with the help of a worker licence:

Tier 5

Temporary Worker Licence

A Sponsorship Licence for temporary workers allows organisations to employ individuals on a temporary basis. They can employ the following individuals with the help of a temporary worker licence:

Student Sponsorship Licence (formerly known as a Tier 4 Sponsor Licence)

Educational institutions that want to Sponsor international students must have a Student Sponsorship Licence. In order to attract students from around the world, they have to become a valid and licenced student sponsor, approved by the Home Office. This licence enables the institutions to issue the important Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to students. It allows the students to apply for a Student Visa (formerly known as Tier 4 General Visa) or a Child Student Visa (formerly known as a Tier 4 Child Visa) to start studying a course in the UK. Having a Student Sponsor Licence means that an institution can also sponsor European students who will now need sponsorship after the Brexit. Our team of immigration experts can help educational providers to get the correct licence to enrol international students.

Eligibility Requirements for Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

There are certain requirements that an organisation must satisfy to get a Sponsor Licence and start hiring workers from overseas.

Home Office Compliance Visit

When an organisation has applied for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, the Home Office is responsible for assessing the application and determining if the organisation has adequate infrastructure to become compliant. In some cases, the Home Office may decide to visit the office premises of the organisation. Usually, the Home Office announces their visits; however, they may even make a visit without any prior notice.

The purpose of these compliance visits is to check if the organisation has adequate HR and recruitment systems to sponsor foreign nationals and manage migrant employees effectively. It also ensures that the organisation is fulfilling its legal obligations as an employer to apply for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence.

The Home Office may visit your organisation to check whether:
The Basic Duties of a Sponsor

Sponsor Licence Application Cost

The sponsor licence cost depends on the type and size of an organisation. The application fee has to be paid every time during the sponsor licence (every four years). The Home Office reviews the fees annually on its official website.

The organisations which are recognised as ‘small’ sponsors have to pay a sum of £536 as the sponsor licence cost to sponsor foreign nationals. Organisations that are recognised as “medium” and “large” have to pay a sum of £1,476 as a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence fee. This sponsor licence cost will remain the same for all the organisations which do not meet the criteria to become a “small” sponsor.

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