What is an Entrepreneur/ Innovator Visa?

The Entrepreneur visa/ Innovator visa category (Tier 1) is for foreign national business people who wish to start a new business or invest funds into an existing business in the U.K. Under this category, the applicant’s immediate family members can also join him in the U.K. It includes the applica applicant’s partner and children under the age of 18. One beneöt of this category is that the applicant’s children are also eligible to participate in the U.K.’s education system.

This visa category provides a pathway to British citizenship and permanent residency.

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Documents Required

  • A valid passport or travel identification

  • Proof of funds that are available for investment

  • Proof that you meet the English language requirements

  • Proof that the applicant can support himself during his stay in the U.K.

  • Criminal record certificate

How Osbourne Pinner helped the client?

Our client, an entrepreneur, who held a Tier 1(Entrepreneur) Migrant Visa, approached us when his application to further remain in the U.K., was refused with no right of appeal. His previous legal representatives initiated judicial review proceedings in the Upper Tribunal. However, these were concluded unsuccessfully and after that, he approached Osbourne Pinner.

We advised our client to submit a fresh application and this was refused too and the reason mentioned was that he had no lawful residence in the U.K. at the time when the application was made.

We successfully explained the injustice suffered by our client, which had resulted in a refusal of his fresh application. Despite meeting the eli meeting the eligibility criteria to remain in the U.K., our client was refused to remain in the U.K., as he could not provide the documents in compliance with the speciöed evidential requirements. The judicial review (It is the process during which judges evaluate the decisions of public bodies and decisions of public bodies and recognize

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