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What is a Divorce?

Divorce refers to the legal ending of a marriage or marital union. In other words, it is the formal ending of a marital union.

The divorce process is complicated and stressful for each person involved, particularly in several disputed areas like existing financial commitments, custody of children and the distribution of assets.

Due to the complexity of the process, getting divorce advice from experienced divorce solicitors can make the process easier to manage, both practically and emotionally.

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What are the reasons for Divorce?

The most common grounds for Divorce are:

  • Unreasonable behaviour refers to either the wife or husband misbehaving andthe couple can no longer stay together.

  • Separation (2 years) - You may get a divorce in the U.K. if you have been separated for a duration of more than 2 years, and both should agree on a divorce.

  • Adultery – It is referred to as an affair, is a common reason for Divorce.

  • Separation (5 years and consent) – Separation for more than five years can be a reason for Divorce, even if both parties do not agree on a divorce.

  • Desertion – This happens when either partner unexpectedly leaves and has been away for more than two years out of the last two and a half years

What are the steps in Divorce procedure?

Step 1. The Divorce Petition

While filing for Divorce, the first step is the divorce petition form found on the U.K. government’s website. This form needs the following information:

  • Your name and address

  • Your spouse's name and address

  • A marriage certificate can be the original certificate or a copy of the marriage certificate, which you can get from your registrar office.

  • The names and date of birth of children & their address

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Who are we?

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