Osbourne Pinner's Excellence in a Child Custody Case

Introduction to Child Custody

Filing for a divorce is not just the only step to deal with; if both the parties are on a parental bond, then child custody is another significant move to consider. The parent who wants custody of the child has to file for a ‘Child Agreement Order’ if living outside the UK. Also, the children act 1989 includes responsibility, power and all the rights towards the children.

When marriage is under the process of separation and covering the aspect of child custody, both the parties as parents must be familiar with the terms like ACCESS AND CUSTODY. It is a tough time for the child as he/she is ambiguous about the intensity of the situation.

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Custody- In the custody process, there will be one parent who will be responsible for the major decision of the child’s life, i.e., how to raise the child, his or her education and medication matters.

Access- On the separation of marriage, parents have to decide the division of time to spend with the child. It is the process to have access to spending equal time.

More often in the UK court, both the parents opt for joint custody to share the amount of responsibility and the time spent with the child. The court also takes a major interest in the role of the grandparent’s upbringing and decisions for the betterment of a child’s future.

How Does it Work?

The process of child custody is a part of the divorce petition where the court asks for the list that represents a safe and secured future of a child. Let us look at the prospects of how does it work:

  • In many cases, the couple takes a mutual part to play where they took up joint custody for the better care of the children.

  • A non-resident parent's role is also considerable in providing the best care of the child.

  • Each parent will be separately checked by his/her capability before a decision will be made by the court.

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Can a Child Make a Sole Decision?

If the age of the children is between 11 or 12. Then his or her wishes and grants will be taken into consideration to decide the child’s custody. But if the child is above 16 years old, he or she can decide the parent whom the child wants to live with. Also, there could be other circumstances that can decide the custody of the child.

How did Osbourne Pinner Lead the Client to Win the Child's Custody?

Our client, an educator by profession, had filed for a divorce and sought the child’s custody in her favour. She came up to us with the belief in the right guidance and full support to win her case from the support of the best child custody lawyers.

The team began its proceeding by collecting the documents, finding all the evidence and strategies to follow that supports her to win the case. The expert counselled the client to follow all the parameters cautiously and wisely. It helped her to see a ray of hope to be together with her child again.

Increasing the proximity with a child, grooming the child with positive thoughts towards the father, and preparing a concrete list of maintenance was advised to her to follow to the best of all the possibilities.

The client followed the guidance from solicitors with a trust that was shown in the court when our client’s petition was turning out to be stronger. The team continuously observed the court’s announcement and presented their side accordingly, which led them to win the child’s custody to her mother.

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How to Enhance your Chance of Getting Custody?

The court will be the decision-maker to decide the custody of the child. Based on it, you can improve your chance by following the ways:

  • Try to build a strong relationship

  • Be a part of your child's best events

  • Take charge of all child's maintenance

  • Show respect to your partner

Who are we?

At Osbourne Pinner, you get the best of a child’s custody lawyer in handling family law matters. We have raised our team with a dedication to providing clients with remarkable results in their favour. Osbourne Pinner has an experienced team of family law experts with years of experience and excellence. From the consultation process to the final decision by the court, you get guidance from the best divorce lawyers in London.

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