Global Talent Visa and Endorsement Guide


What is the Global Talent Visa?

The Global Talent Visa was framed to replace the Tier 1 global Talent visa in 2020. It aims at attracting promising and Talented professionals around the globe to work and grow in the UK. The major fields where professionals are welcomed under this visa category include digital technology, arts and culture and fields of science.

Individuals need to meet all the eligibility requirements. The best part is that this visa’s requirements are less extensive and complicated than other UK work visas introduced under the new points-based immigration system.

The aspirants do not have to experience any English test route or minimum salary threshold while choosing this route. However, some endorsing bodies may impose their own language requirements.

The visa holder is not required to first find a job to be eligible. Visa holders can get a study permit, subject to the ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) terms and conditions. They will have an option to take up employment, and they will also be allowed to work for themselves or start or direct a company. Although any work they do is supposed to be within the field, they have been endorsed for.

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Who Can Apply For the Global Talent Category?

The UK government’s primary aim by opening Global Talent’s route is to find talented individuals who can add value to the country. Thus, it is open to individuals who are already leaders in their field and individuals who can show promise to become leaders.

Below is the list of fields from which professionals can apply under this category:

  • Medicine

  • Science and Research

  • Digital Technology

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Humanities

  • Arts and Culture: Fashion Design, Film and Television


Requirements for this Visa

The application for Global Talent Visa Endorsement must satisfy validity requirements. This involves a correctly-filled application form, successful payment of endorsement fee and endorsement secured from the relevant professional field from a relevant body.

Thereafter, an applicant is required to prove that they meet all requirements of eligibility. One must have the potential to grow as a leader in their field, or one must have already gained international recognition by demonstrating exceptional talent in their field.

One of the important factors that lead to approval is that the applicant must not be liable for refusal by being involved in a breach of immigration bail or immigration law.

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How Osbourne Pinner Helped a Client in Attaining this Visa?

Our client is a fashion designer by profession. Her application for UK Global Talent visa endorsement faced rejection, and then she headed towards us for the process of re-application.

Our immigration law solicitor started with öguring out the issues for which her previous application faced rejection. In their probe, they found out she was not portraying her candidature in the best possible way.

Being active in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, she was eligible to apply under the “Exceptional Talent Criteria”. Under these criteria, applications are assessed on the evidence that they have already brought a major contribution to their respective öelds as a leader.

However, our client applied under “Exceptional Promise Criteria, ” which aims to assess applicants at an early stage of their careers. An endorsing body observes whether or not an individual has the ability and potential to contribute positively to their öelds

So, the immigration lawyer persuaded her to change this speciöc category. Our solicitor applied for the visa endorsement on her behalf by ensuring that the documentation is done properly and she is applying under the suitable criteria. Later on, the lawyer kept observing the application’s status closely and updated the client on the same. Within an expected time span, our client got approval from the endorsing body. This is how Osbourne Pinner helped her got the way seamlessly.

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