R.R - Case Study of Successful Sponsor Licence

What is a Sponsor Licence?

A Sponsor Licence helps UK-based companies to hire an international workforce inside the UK successfully. The Home Office is responsible for issuing approval for the licence, which is valid for a period of 4 years. It can also be renewed upon expiry.

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Criteria to Acquire the Sponsor Licence

The UK-based organisation needs to have a real presence in the country and must be operating lawfully without any legal discrepancies. Companies with more than one branch in the UK can either apply for a single licence or for individual licences for each branch in the UK.

  • The business should be registered by a statutory body to function in the country. When applying for the application, the business is required to submit proof of registration with statutory authority.

  • The business must satisfy the Home Office that it provides legit employment and pay the appropriate salaries to its employees.

  • Private individuals cannot apply for a UK Sponsorship Licence to be known as sponsors.

  • The business is also required to fulfil the duties associated with the sponsor licence.

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Applying for a Sponsor Licence

The process to apply for a UK Sponsorship Licence requires the business to fill and submit an online application form. The business should also provide four supporting documents for Licence as evidence of the real business presence in the UK. In addition, a cover letter is also important to provide the necessary background information about the business venture.


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