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The tech nation visa, also known as the global talent visa, allows the brightest and the best talent from around the globe to enter and work in the UK. This is a UK immigration category that is suitable for talented and promising candidates in target sectors such as science, humanities, arts, and technology looking to work in the UK. Tech nation visa, however, is for the brightest and the best candidates from the digital technology sector looking to work in the UK. The candidates are expected to contribute their cutting-edge expertise, creativity, and innovation to promote the UK’s position as a global leader in digital technology.

Eligibility Criteria for the Global Talent Visa Application

There are two options for making an application for the tech nation visa; namely, Leader, also called exceptional talent, and Emerging Leader, also called exceptional promise. Applicants under the exceptional promise category are likely to have less than five years of experience in their careers. The applicant should be able to prove their promise to be a leader through their skills and achievements. Tech nation will assess the global talent visa application and determine whether the applicant’s skills and qualifications meet the eligibility criteria for exceptional talent or exceptional promise.

Criteria for Exceptional Talent

A global talent visa application for the exceptional talent category must show that they have been recognised as a leader in the digital technology sector. They must provide evidence of two of the following:

  • A proven track record of innovation as a founder or as a senior executive of a product-based digital technology company or employed in the digital field.
  • Evidence of recognition for work beyond the occupation of the applicants that will contribute towards the advancement of the field.
  • Evidence that they have made a crucial technical, entrepreneurial, or commercial contribution to the field of digital technology as a founder, senior member, or as an employee of a product-based digital technology company.
  • They have shown exceptional talent in the field through academic contributions, published research, or endorsed by an expert.

Criteria for Exceptional Promise

The candidate for tech nation global talent visa must demonstrate that they have been recognised as having promise to be a leader in the digital technology industry. In addition, they must also furnish evidence of at least 2 of the following:

  • At least 2 evidence of innovation as a founder or an employee of a digital technology company.
  • Evidence of recognition for work beyond the candidate’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the industry.
  • They have contributed significantly in the technical, entrepreneurial, or commercial aspects of the digital technology industry as a founder, or as an employee of the company.
  • Proof of exceptional ability in the digital technology field through academic contributions, or research endorsed by industry experts.

Osbourne Pinner- Best Immigration Law Firm for Professional Guidance on Visa Issues

Get expert legal advice on matters related to immigration in the UK with a purpose to live and work in the country. We have a team of dedicated visa solicitors who have years of experience in handling visa issues. Lawyers at Osbourne Pinner provide end-to-end legal guidance to talented individuals in the field of digital technology looking to live and work in the UK under the global talent visa. We help candidates with the application process and navigate all the documentation and eligibility criteria.

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Innovators visa UK is one of the most difficult visas to attain. If you have a business plan that is different from anything else on the market in the UK, you can apply for the innovator visa. The business idea or business has to be approved by an endorsing body.

When it comes to applying for an innovator visa UK, the obvious question that you have is – How much funds do I need for a visa? And we will let you know the same along with other important aspects of visa application in this article.

A new route is coming into existence, it will replace the current UK Tier 1 innovator visa (Entrepreneur category). The category will focus on people having extensive experience in business and aiming to set up a business. When it comes to applying for an innovator visa UK, you can now go ahead with a minimum investment of £50000. Earlier the minimum investment used to be £200,000.

The best way to apply for a visa is to consult an immigration lawyer and know everything from basics to crucial things about the UK innovator visa scheme.

To attain an innovator’s visa UK, the applicants must work on the development of their business rather than taking employment elsewhere. Things outside the business can involve anything that generates employment. For instance, using one’s business to hire out workers to other employers.

The UK innovator visa scheme requires the applicant to have scalable, viable and innovative business backed by an endorsing body. In the absence of such a business or business idea, there is no point in accumulating the funds.

The perks of having an innovators visa UK is that you will get leave for three years at a time. Also, you can bring your family to settle down in the country. After three years, visa holders can be seen applying for an innovators visa extension for the next three years. You can also apply for permanent residence in the UK.

There are three main stages in the process of attaining this visa – initial application, extension, and settlement. At all these three stages endorsement from an endorsing body is required.

Here are some entry clearance requirements that you should know:

During credibility assessment, the applicant should have proven capabilities of undertaking the business activity stated in the visa application.

The money which an applicant is claiming to be available should be available exactly as per the description. Plus, the applicant should state that it will be used as described in the application. Apart from the minimum funds of £50000, there might be some miscellaneous expenses coming your way in the process of attaining an innovators visa UK. For a better understanding of the whole process, you can get in touch with Osbourne Pinner.

We are a well-known law firm in the UK assisting people with family and immigration matters. Our visa solicitors can help in initial application, extension and settlement to innovators seamlessly.


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No couple gets married or enters into a civil relationship to eventually separate, but that is the reality for almost half of the couples in the UK. Even the most amicable of the divorces and separations can turn into long, drawn-out affairs with arguments over financial and assets settlements. A divorce settlement is essentially an agreement to separate the assets and finances in an agreeable way. The most devastating cost of any divorce or separation in a civil partnership is on the family, but the financial cost is no less. The divorce proceedings and financial settlements can be tiring. It is, therefore, mandated that the couples seek the help of the best divorce lawyers in London to navigate the complexities of divorce laws.

Financial Cost of the Divorce on Women

Women suffer considerable financial burdens during and after the divorce. The financial inconvenience is the highest in the first year after the divorce or separation. The financial burden varies depending on how much money the woman contributed to the family expenses before divorce and the ability of the husband to bear child expenses after the divorce. According to a government report:

  • About one in five women fall into poverty due to divorce.
  • About one in three women lose their maternity homes after the divorce.
  • Three out of four divorced women don’t receive full child-support payments.

However, the situation for female partners in a divorce has improved due to better legislation and the ability to find a job after the divorce. It is advisable to have the support of professional law firms in London to obtain a just and reasonable financial settlement.

Financial Cost of Divorce on Men

After the divorce, most men face a drop of 10-40% in their living standards. Expenses of child support, divorce proceedings payments, a separate home or apartment, and the loss of ex-spouse’s income add up to their financial woes.

  • Men who contribute less than 80% of their family income before the divorce suffer the most.
  • Divorced or separated men who share the custody or joint custody of the child incur additional expenses.
  • The finances required for child support payments are taken out directly from the paychecks of divorced fathers.

To get more information on divorce-related financial settlements, you can get in touch with the best divorce lawyers in London. They will help you out with entire divorce proceedings and obtain a favorable financial and asset division.

Division of Assets During a Divorce or Separation

When deciding on the division of assets, solicitors and court will investigate the following factors:

  • Income, earning capacity, property, and other financial assets that each partner has or will possibly have in the near future.
  • The financial needs, responsibilities, and obligations that each partner has or will possibly have in the near future.
  • The living standard of the family before the divorce or separation.
  • The ages of the partners and duration of the marriage or civil partnership..
  • Any mental or physical disability of either partner.
  • The value to each partner of any benefit that one partner can lose because of the divorce or separation.

Get Legal Advice from the Best Divorce Lawyers London at Osbourne Pinner

We are one of the best divorce law firms in London that offer legal counsel on matters related to divorce and family laws. We help clients proceed amicably and provide professional representation in the family courts to help you get a reasonable financial settlement in the divorce along with maintaining the welfare of the children involved.

Contact the best divorce lawyers in London at Osbourne Pinner to book a consultation with the legal wizards of family law in the UK.


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The Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa is now the Tier 1 Global Talent Visa. Needless to say that the UK is leading the world in the fields of engineering, arts, humanities, science and technology. People having talent in any of these fields are drawn towards Britain in search of rewarding career opportunities. Along with bright prospects, talented minds get attracted to the advanced economy and rich cultural life of the UK.

The Global Talent Visa UK is the gateway to the business industry and job market without heavy investment. This visa category directs toward settlement in the country. In a span of 3-5 years visa holders can be eligible for British citizenship as well.

Prime benefits of Global Talent Visa – Tech Nation

  • Available for both founders and employees
  • Based on the unique achievements, skills and backgrounds of the applicant
  • Covers all sub-sectors (including AI, games, cyber, fintech, etc.)
  • Not tied to a specific location, company or job, states flexibility
  • No limit restriction on the number of visas available
  • Permission to travel abroad and return to the UK
  • Can be extended as many times as the visa holder needs
  • Family members can join the visa holder as per requirements
  • Helpful in obtaining permanent residency in the UK
  • Visa is granted for up to five years
  • Promise routes & Exception Talent depends on experience

Who is eligible for a Global Talent Visa for Tech Nation

Every endorsement body has its own set of criteria when it comes to eligibility requirements. And if you are going to apply for a Tier 1 global talent visa, you must understand the requirements set by the designated endorsement body. There are different criteria for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent and Tier 1 Exceptional Promise.

Here is a sneak peek at key criteria for Tech Nation

  • Proof of recognition in working outside immediate occupation which contributed to the advancement within the sector.
  • An applicant must generate evidence of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder of a product, or an employee.

The applicant must meet one of these.

Qualifying criteria for Tier 1 Global Talent Visa Tech Nation

  • Ability to show proof of significant commercial, entrepreneurial or technical contribution in Digital technology
  • Providing examples of exceptional jobs done in academics
  • Demonstrating exceptional ability in the relevant field of making a significant contribution
  • Showcase consistent mastery of new digital skills
  • Proof that applicant has got recognition as a potential leading talent in the digital technology sector

Two of these criteria must be met for eligibility. Along with this, you must nominate three experienced professionals from the digital technology field who can vouch for your contribution while applying for a visa under Tech Nation

Things that you can do right now!

The Global Talent Visa is a highly competitive visa category. The application process is rigorous and requires utmost focus. It is always better to stay in touch with lawyers. You can get robust and practical legal advice from our talented UK immigration solicitors. They can guide you on collecting relevant evidence and quick spot-checking of vulnerabilities in your application. You will always receive the best correction advice.


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The UK startup visa is an immigration route for foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up a business in the UK for the first time. To obtain the visa, the applicant need not be a graduate or secure any initial funding. They, however, need to have an innovative, scalable, and viable startup idea that has been endorsed by an authorised endorsing body. UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner have answered the most commonly asked questions surrounding the UK startup visa. Read this blog to demystify your queries.

Q1. Is there an investment requirement to apply for the visa?

Applicants for the startup visa do not require any initial investment for their business idea. However, the requirement of a viable and scalable business idea makes it necessary for the applicants to have some funding to invest in their business. Furthermore, certain endorsing bodies have made it compulsory to have a certain level of funding as a condition of endorsement.

Q2. Where can I get the details about the endorsing bodies?

The Home Office publishes a list of endorsing bodies for the UK startup visa applicants. The list contains the names and links to the websites of the approved endorsing bodies. The details about the application process and endorsement criteria are listed on the website. You can also obtain the details about the endorsing bodies and their criteria from the UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner.

Q3. Which endorsing body should I apply to?

Choosing the suitable endorsing body depends upon the individual requirements concerning the field of business, the timing of the application, place of setting up the business, and the kind of support that the business might require. The UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne can advise you on the most suitable endorsing bodies for making your visa application.

Q4. Can startup visa applicants join an existing business?

The startup visa is for individuals looking to set up a business in the UK for the first time. If you are looking to join an existing company, then this immigration route is not suitable for you.

Q5. How long is the visa valid for?

The UK startup visa is valid for 2 years initially. However, if you were granted leave as a Tier-1 graduate entrepreneur earlier, then you will be granted leave for a period of 2 years.

Q6. Can I extend my startup visa and apply for indefinite leave to remain?

No, a startup visa can not be extended, and the visa holders cannot apply for settlement either. However, if you want to continue expanding your business, you can apply for ILR in the UK innovator visa category at the end of the 2 years.

Q7. Is there a residence requirement for the startup visa?

A startup visa holder does not require to have spent any amount in the UK.

Q8. Can I take up any other employment as a startup visa holder?

The UK immigration laws permit startup visa holders to take employment other than working on their startup. However, the endorsing bodies need to be satisfied that the individual is continuously working on the business and have shown considerable progress in their business idea.

How can the UK Immigration Solicitors at Osbourne Pinner help?

We have a team of experienced visa solicitors that have years of experience handling matters related to the UK startup and innovator visa. We provide legal assistance to young entrepreneurs looking to establish and expand a new business in the UK. We help our clients make a strong application and comply with the requirements of the Home Office.

Contact our legal experts today to get help with your visa applications.


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There can be many different reasons for UK visa refusal, and the only remedy available for the applicants is to challenge the decision of the Home Office through an Appeal or Judicial Review. While it is not possible to appeal against every visa refusal, a candidate can contact UK immigration solicitors if they feel the refusal was arbitrary. Judicial review is the process through which one can challenge the decision, action, or failure of the act of a public body exercising a public law function. Judicial reviews and appeals of the Home Office decisions can be complex. One must need the advice and assistance of UK immigration solicitors to guide them through the entire process.

Challenge by way of Judicial Review

You can challenge the decision of the Home Office through the process of judicial review if you believe that the decision was illegal or unfair with respect to your visa application. The main grounds for the judicial review are that the decision-making authority has acted outside the scope of its statutory powers and that the decision was unfair, unlawful, or unreasonable in practice.

Judicial review is a two-step process. The first step is to make an application for permission to apply for judicial review, as the permission is not automatically granted. The second step of the process is a review of the actual decision. The time limit to make an application for the permission of the judicial review must be made within 3 months of the refusal of the work visa or student visa application.

Pre-Action: Letter Before Claim

It is a mandated practice to send a Pre-Action- Letter before Claim to the Home Office before applying for a judicial review. The Pre-Action Letter contains the matters of disputes, namely the failure or inaction of the Home Office to deal with your matter reasonably. The objective of the letter is to try and avoid unnecessary legal procedures. It is necessary to use the legal expertise of the UK immigration solicitors to draft the Pre-Action Letter.

Challenging the Decision of the Home Office by way of Appeals

Section 84 of the Nationality, Immigration, and Asylum Act of 2002 specifies valid grounds of appeal in cases of refusal of a work visa or any other visitor visas. The appeal against the refusal of a work visa, student visa, etc., must be lodged with the First-tier Tribunal within 14 days from the date of refusal if you are in the UK and 28 days if your entry clearance has been refused and extended in certain circumstances.

The appeal for immigration can be decided either orally or written. In most cases, an oral hearing is preferred as it allows the appellant to respond correctly to submissions made by the Home Office and questions raised by them or the immigration judge.

How can the Visa Solicitors at Osbourne Pinner help you with Immigration Appeals and Judicial Review?

The process of Judicial Review and Appeals with respect to the refusal of a work visa, student visa, or any other visas can be quite complex and overwhelming for the applicants. Osbourne Pinner has the best pool of UK immigration solicitors that can help you make a strong application in front of the Tribunal. We provide professional legal guidance to the applicants where we help them cut down unnecessary legal hassles and obtain a favourable decision in their favour. We also help clients to overturn decisions in the client’s favour even before reaching a tribunal hearing.

We provide support and advice for points-based visa routes, human rights visa applications, EEA visa applications appeal, and several other routes. Contact us today for immigration appeal and judicial review.


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It is impossible to predict the exact figure when it comes to the expense estimation of a divorce. Because it is different for every couple. However, on an average the cost of divorce in the United Kingdom runs around £15,000, this excludes property costs. And nobody wants to put in a lot of money in a divorce proceeding. So, here we are presenting you with some ways to cut the cost of your divorce.

Wait, in case of disagreements

A strange rule in the UK refrains people from having amicable divorces. Even in cases where couples want to get estranged on friendly terms, they are bound to put and accept blame. This makes the genuine ending of marriages complicated.

Due to these unwanted and unnecessary conflicts, the party who has to admit blame always suffers. People also get tangled in misconceptions. For instance, it is supposed that a partner who accepts blame gets less in the financial settlement. Whereas, in reality, behavioural aspects are rarely taken into consideration while making such settlements.

A positive side of laws is that they are dynamic. We often have amendments in the existing laws and they make lives better. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill is around the corner. It is expected to bring a lot of changes from the autumn of 2021. These are the predicted changes:

  • “No-fault divorce” has been introduced wherein one or both of the partners have to admit that their marriage broke down irretrievably without putting blame on their partner.
  • Drop the legalese. The decree nisi will turn into “conditional order” and decree absolute will be turned into “final order”.
  • There is a minimum period of six months from filing a divorce petition and finalising the whole process.

Changes like dropping the legalese and no-fault divorce will surely provide relief to many couples trying to get separated on a good note.

1. Apply for Legal Aid

In the UK, legal aid for divorce cases was pulled back in 2013. This means one or both of the partners will have to incur some expenses. Though, there are some exceptions in which a person is entitled to legal aid for divorce. Some of the exceptional cases include:

  • Violence
  • Domestic Abuse (It covers financial abuse as well)
  • Child Abduction

Just in case you are looking to hire a divorce lawyer online you can go for legal aid, apply at Before actually applying to pay for mediation by legal aid you should check your eligibility.

2. Get a DIY Divorce

The person who files a divorce petition has to pay the mandatory court fee of £550. This is the unavoidable minimum amount that you will have to incur if you are seeking a divorce.

Apart from this, you can take the legal work into your hands rather than hiring a divorce lawyer online or offline. In such situations, you will lack inputs coming from experienced lawyers. A DIY divorce is only done in limited cases wherein:

  • The couple has no children
  • Domestic Abuse (It covers financial abuse as well)
  • There are no hidden or complicated financial status

If you want to know more about the DIY divorce you can get all the details from documentation to the process on the government’s website. Other than this you can get in touch with the best divorce lawyer London at Osbourne Pinner. Here, you will get the most suitable legal advice without burning a hole in your pockets.


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A sponsor license is required by the companies based out of the UK who are looking to recruit employees from foreign nationals. The new immigration rules on the back of the Brexit transition came into force on 1st January 2021. Employers are required to obtain a sponsorship license for their workforce of European nationals and their family members. Before Brexit, the European nationals were exempt from sponsorship requirements. Although several large organizations might already have a sponsor license in place and will be accustomed to the sponsorship process, many small and medium organizations will need to obtain the license post-Brexit and come to terms with the process. In such a situation, it is essential that they seek legal advice from an immigration law firm to navigate the rules and regulations of the Home Office. Following is the compiled list of important tips for employers who need to apply for a sponsor license:

#1 Apply Early

The UK Home Office processes almost 80% of applications within eight weeks of receiving the paperwork. In some cases, the applications take longer than eight weeks to process, and there can be instances where a compliance visit is compulsory before the license of sponsorship is granted. Hence, it is crucial that employers apply early to obtain the license on time to hire a skilled workforce from outside the country.

#2 Identify the ‘Authorizing Officer’ and Train them on Compliance Obligations and Responsibilities

Employers must identify the authorizing officer to be named on the license. Authorizing officer is the senior person responsible for the recruitment of all migrant workers and ensuring that all of the sponsorship obligations are fulfilled. Employers can consult an immigration law firm to help authorizing officers understand the duties of reporting, record-keeping, and compliances. In addition, the concerned person must be trained on sponsor management systems and compliance obligations.

#3 Organize Documents for the License Application before Applying

The Home Office has strict deadlines in place to submit supporting documents required with the sponsor license application. The paperwork must be verified by a solicitor from an immigration law firm. Get their help to sort out the application process and organize all the paperwork beforehand. Delay in submitting documents can lead to refusal of the application by the UKVI. It is crucial that the HR team follows all the protocols and collects the documents regarding the company and the workforce.

#4 Audit the HR Processes and align them with the UKVI requirements

Employers must audit their HR processes and record-keeping mechanisms to make sure that there are no gaps in the information available about the company, its policies, and workforce requirements. The Home Office mandates the companies to keep various documents on file for migrant workers. The information must be up-to-date and available in the event of a compliance visit by the UKVI. Keep such information organized before applying for a sponsor license.

#5 Get Legal Help to Navigate the Application Process

It is crucial that employers consult with a professional immigration law firm to get help with the application process. Osbourne Pinner is one of the best law firms in London that offers professional guidance to employers looking to obtain a license of sponsorship. We provide audit and compliance checks to the employers and make sure that their records are refreshed and relevant to the requirements set out by the Home Office. Our dedicated pool of UK immigration solicitors has years of experience under the belt to deal with various rules and regulations associated with the Sponsorship license. We help employers streamline all the processes and documents in the event of any surprise compliance visits and help them fulfil all the duties and obligations.

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