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Many couples engage in a legal battle to gain the custody of their kids. Such legal battles and disagreements are vexing and stressful for all those involved. If both parents wish to keep the children with them separation, it becomes quite difficult for them to make a decision mutually.

Many couples opt for litigation where a court decides who gets the custody of the children and defines the terms of custody. The court’s decision is influenced by nothing but the best interests of the children involved.

With a professional and experienced lawyer representing you, you have a better chance of winning your cases as your lawyer builds a strong case for you.

We are able to help you with the following applications under the Children Act 1989:

Arrangement Order

This order determines where a child is to live and how much time they should spend with each parent. Child Arrangement Orders replaced Residence and Contact Orders.

Guardianship Order

Grandparents and other immediate family members usually apply for this order when children are not provided with sufficient care from their parents.

Steps Order

Prohibited Steps Orders are often made to prevent children from being removed from the country. This can include an order to prevent the child from leaving the country.

Issue Order

When parents are disagreed on a particular aspect of their children’s upbringing i.e. which school the children should go to. They apply for Specific Issue Order.


Our Expert team of Child Law Solicitors also Specialise in Defending Father’s Rights. We specialise in advising fathers on what their legal rights are during separation or divorce.

Steps Order

Prohibited Steps Orders are often made to prevent children from being removed from the country. This can include an order to prevent the child from leaving the country.

of Contact

An Enforcement Order may be necessary if a Contact Order is being breached.


Free consultation Via Zoom or Face to Face: We offer a 30-minute free consultation.

Fixed fees areas: We can offer fixed fees in the following areas:

  • Divorce Petition (Uncontested) acting for the petitioner £850 plus VAT plus court fee

  • Divorce Petition (Uncontested) acting for the respondent £750 plus VAT

Hourly Charges

Where our fees are calculated on an hourly basis, the following hourly charge rates will apply:

  • Children Matter: Solicitor's Hourly Rate: £220 - £250 Plus VAT

  • Financial Settlement Solicitor's Hourly Rate: £220 - £250 Plus VAT

If you would like more information about our fixed fee on our family services contact our expert family solicitors on 0203 980 9348 or get in touch with us through our online enquiry form.


  • Children’s name – change of name

  • Child Arrangements Order – who a child lives with and how much time they spend with the other parent including the type of contact

  • Requiring someone to do something – specific issue order

  • Legal rights and restricting those rights – parental responsibility

  • Children moving abroad or to another area of the country – international or national relocation

  • Child care proceedings

  • Experts in Divorce & Family Law

  • Social services intervention

  • Preventing a parent from doing something – prohibited steps order

  • Child custody

  • Child arrangement order

  • Child abduction

  • Father’ Rights

  • Child Visitation Rights

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    At Osbourne Pinner, we provide the best legal advice to couples to resolve their disagreements in a mutually beneficial manner.

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    • Provide our client with the right legal advice and representation

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    We offer no obligation free consultation with a specialist Family Solicitor. During this free consultation the solicitor will provide you with legal advice, explain any relevant procedures to you and go through the options available to you.

    We are happy to arrange an initial consultation to take place either in the office, by telephone or by video (i.e. Skype, FaceTime or Whatsapp video). If your consultation is going to take place via telephone or video, we will ask you to send us your photo ID before the meeting.

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    Divorce is the legal ending of a marital union or marriage. In other words, it is the formal breaking of marital union. The divorce process is emotionally challenging, stressful, and complicated for each person involved, mainly if there are many disputed areas like custody of children, existing financial commitments, and property distribution.

    Due to the complicated nature of the divorce process, getting divorce advice from experienced solicitors can make the process easier to manage, both emotionally and practically.

    Divorce Lawyer In London

    Divorce is never a pleasant experience in anyone’s life. However, it’s a terrible idea to live in a compromised marriage. You cannot waste your life by being trapped and devoid of your rights. It’s time to stand for yourself and move your life forward. Osbourne Pinner provides legal assistance throughout the divorce process and helps you get proper settlement and custody. When you take our legal help, you are given a dedicated team providing a professional and personalized service.

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