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    Many grandparents yearn to spend time with their grandchildren but are denied the opportunity to do so. Realistically, grandparents do not have direct automatic rights to meet or spend time with their grandchildren.


    You Need to Know

    Family courts, in the best interests of the children, recognise the importance of having a grandparent around. Unless the grandparents have a history of being abusive or harmful to children or have a violent criminal record, the family courts will not refuse them access to their grandchildren.

    If you fulfil the basic criteria, you might be eligible to apply for a contact order where the court will consider the following aspects before granting you the permission to meet your grandkids:

    • Your personal history with the child.

    • Your criminal record, if any.

    • Any aspect which may indicate that you might cause harm to the child

    • The content and context of your application.


    Can We Help?

    At Osbourne Pinner, we answer our client’s questions such as ‘what are grandparents’ rights?’ or how can they get access to their grandchildren?

    • Inform clients of their rights and the options available to them

    • Use language which our clients can understand easily

    • Help strengthen our clients application to demonstrate to the court that they are eligible to spend time with their grandkids

    • Vast legal knowledge

    • Provide our clients with all the legal options to help them make an informed decision

    • We are happy to arrange an initial consultation to take place either in the office, by telephone or by video (i.e. Skype, FaceTime or Whatapp video). If your consultation is going to take place via telephone or video, we will ask you to send us your photo ID before the meeting.


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