UK Immigration Guide for Students

    • What is a Student visa?

    • Types of UK Student Visa

    • Eligibility Criteria for UK Student Visa

    • Student Visa Points Criteria

    • Application Process

    • Priority Services

    • What you can and cannot do?

    • Validity & Extension of Students visa

    • Reasons for Rejection and How they can be Avoided

    • How Osbourne Pinner can help you?

    The UK has always been a great study spot for students who are willing to pursue higher education at some of the world’s best universities. Your visa application acceptance is completely dependent upon the maintenance of funding, your choice of program, personal interview session and compliance with UKVI regulations.

    What is a Student visa?

    Student Visas are the type of visa required for students who are looking to study in the UK. The UK Student visa has replaced the Tier 4 student visa. An aspirant can apply for a UK student visa when his/her age is 16 years or more.

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    Types of UK Student Visa

    Prospective non-EU applicants are eligible for three types of UK student visa, which depends on their choice of program:

    Short-term study visa

    If you have planned to take a short course whose duration is not more than six months in the UK, you must apply for a Short-term study visa. To qualify for a Short-term study visa, you must be compliant with the government’s guidelines.

    Your Short-term visa cannot be extended, and you cannot switch to another visa category. You cannot work with a Short-term visa, including carrying out work experience or placements

    Visa Duration

    • Duration for this visa is 6 to 11 months

    Who can apply?

    • Applicants aged more than 16 years

    • Enrolling for a short duration course of 6 months in a UK institution

    • Enrolling in an 11-month course in the English Language.

    Fees Structure

    • 97 GBP for the duration of 6 months

    • 186 GBP for the duration of 11 months

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