The Ultimate Guide for Child Custody and Divorce in the UK

  • What is Divorce?

  • Divorce Procedure Steps

  • Helping Children Deal with Separation or Divorce

  • Your Legal Responsibility

  • Contact with Children

  • How Do the Courts Decide?

  • Getting Help and Support form Osbourne Pinner

What is Divorce?

Divorce is the legal ending of a marital union or marriage. In other words, it is the formal breaking of marital union. The divorce process is emotionally challenging, stressful, and complicated for each person involved, mainly if there are many disputed areas like custody of children, existing financial commitments, and property distribution.

Due to the complicated nature of the divorce process, getting divorce advice from experienced solicitors can make the process easier to manage, both emotionally and practically.

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Divorce Procedure Steps

Here is a complete list of steps that you are required to take to get a divorce in the UK. The finer details may change from case to case, so it is always recommended to take advice from a divorce expert.

The Divorce Petition

While filing for divorce, the first step is the divorce petition form available on the UK government’s website. This form requires the following information:

  • Your name and address

  • Your spouse's name and address

  • The names and date of birth of children & their address

  • Marriage certificate – this can be the original certificate or a copy of the marriage certificate.

You need to send 3 copies of the divorce petition to your local divorce centre. If you are filing for divorce on the grounds of adultery, you should send 4 copies, as one of these will be forwarded to the person with whom your spouse has committed adultery.

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