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The Home Office has released new guidelines for the sponsor licence applications. Under the new changes, the tier-2 visa route has been replaced by the Skilled Worker visa, and the companies looking to recruit skilled workers from foreign countries, including EEA and Swiss nationals, must obtain a valid licence of sponsorship. Hence, it is crucial to understand the requirements of the licence of sponsorship for HR professionals and senior members of an organisation that depends on a skilled workforce from foreign countries. Having a sponsorship licence requires companies to comply with the obligations and duties as set out by the Home Office. The companies must also be ready for compliance visits from the officers at UKVI. If you are looking for information on the compliance visits, then read this E-book prepared by the visa solicitors at Osbourne Pinner.

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What is a Sponsor Licence?

Previously known as tier-2 sponsor licence, it allows UK-based companies to recruit skilled workers from foreign nations or foreign nationals already residing in the UK. The licence is in effect an approval from the UK government for a company to sponsor migrant workers and act as de facto custodian to the UK work visa route. Sponsorship is defined as a relationship of trust by the Home Office and UK courts.

Compliance Duties

UK-based companies must fulfill their duties under the prevention of illegal employment regime, and the licence holders must abide by additional duties under the licence. In the recent past, there has been extra focus on the companies that employ non-UK citizens. Hence, all licence holders are prone to inspection visits by the Home Office at any point in time. Compliance visits have increased as the government is looking to identify and eliminate illegal employment mechanisms. It is crucial for the UK-based organisations to work with immigration solicitors London to straighten out their compliance process and fix any loopholes in their business record keeping.

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