How to get a Sponsorship Licence in the UK


is a Sponsor Licence?

A sponsor licence allows UK-based companies to employ overseas workers within the UK. After approval, the licence is valid for a period of 4 years with the option for renewal.

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Eligibility for UK Sponsor Licence

Eligibility criteria for a Sponsor Licence are that your organisation has a presence in the UK and should be operating or trading lawfully. If you have more than one UK branch, you have two choices: either you can apply for one licence that covers all your linked UK entities or apply for individual licences for each branch, depending on your situation.

  • You are required to be registered by a statutory body to operate lawfully in the UK, and you also have to submit the proof that you are registered with a statutory body.

  • The company is also required to submit the evidence that it holds the appropriate planning permission or local planning authority consent to run business at the trading address.

  • The Home office should be pleased that you offer genuine employment and pay the correct rate of salary.

  • Private individuals are normally not eligible to be recognised as sponsors.

  • You also need to accept all the duties associated with being a sponsor licence holder.


Sponsor Licence Duties?

While applying for a sponsorship licence, the organisation needs to accept certain duties to ensure the prevention of illegal working.

Compliance with the duties ensures up to date records are maintained by sponsors that must be made available for inspection when required.

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