Guide for Global Talent Visa Arts & Culture

  • What is Global Talent Visa: Arts and Culture

  • Visa routes for Global Talent Visa (Arts and Culture)

  • Arts and Culture Global Visa Application Process

  • Requirements for Arts Council England endorsement

  • Documents needed for Global Talent Visa Application

Global Talent Visa: Arts and Culture

The Global Talent Visa: Arts and culture have been designed for performers, creative practitioners and artists who aspire to study, live and work in the United Kingdom. In order to apply for a tier 1 talent visa, an individual should be professionally involved in income-generating performed, distributed, presented or exhibited artwork. An applicant must have to present regular professional involvement in the respective field in the last five years prior to the date of application.

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Visa routes for Global Talent Visa (Arts and Culture)

There are two main visa routes: Exceptional Talent and Exceptional Promise.

For being eligible to apply for the exceptional talent route, a candidate is required to prove that he/she is a leader in the field of work. They must have a considerable track record in a minimum of two countries.

Whereas, in order to be eligible for the exceptional promise visa route, a candidate must show that they hold potential to grow as a leader in their respective field of work. There should be a developing track record to show.

One can choose a route from these two categories on the basis of their capacity to offer specific evidence and their level of experience.

Arts and Culture Global Talent Visa Application

Before applying for a tier 1 visa, you should know that it is a two-step process. First of all, applicants have to submit evidence to the Arts Council England. The Arts Council is the endorsing body for applicants who wants to apply under the arts and culture window. This body will undertake the evidence and announce whether or not the applicant is worthy of being endorsed.

They will share the decision on the endorsement of a candidate to the UKVI in a span of 8 weeks. Stage 1 is not a typical immigration application. Hence, you don’t need intense knowledge of immigration laws in the UK. However, you can still hire immigration solicitors in London to keep the process smooth. Applicants are free to apply from any space, and they can travel in and out of the UK while the decision of Arts Council England is yet to come.

TOnce the application for endorsement is successful, an applicant should file an application as per immigration law to UKVI for an employment visa. This is where stage 2 begins. And, at this stage, an applicant cannot apply from within the UK. They are free to apply from any other country, including their motherland.

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Connect with the Best Immigration Solicitors in London

No matter how easy or uncomplicated the process may appear to be, there are always some intricacies that may require immense precision and patience. In case you are not ready to invest the same in your global talent visa application, try taking help from immigration solicitors in London.

At Osbourne Pinner, we have some of the most skilled and experienced immigration lawyers in London who can guide you on tier 1 visa. It has been years since we started offering help with immigration and family law assistance in the UK. Today, we proudly acclaim that we have assisted hundreds of clients, specifically with Global Talent Visa (Arts and Culture), resulting in a successful grant of visa.

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