Divorce Process in the UK under Family Law

  • What is Divorce?

  • Most common reasons for Divorce

  • Duration of Legal Separation before Divorce

  • The time duration for the Divorce Process

  • Divorce Procedure Steps

  • What am I entitled to in a Divorce Settlement?

  • Custody of Children

  • Divorce Settlement

  • How a Divorce solicitor can help you?

  • How can Osbourne Pinner help you?

What is Divorce?

Divorce refers to the legal termination of a marriage or marital union. In other words, it is the formal ending of marital union.

The divorce process is emotionally difficult, really complicated and stressful for each person involved, particularly if there are several disputed areas like existing financial commitments, custody of children and the distribution of assets.

Due to the complexity of the divorce process, getting divorce advice from experienced solicitors can make the process easier to manage, both practically and emotionally.

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Most common reasons for Divorce

The most common reasons for divorce are:

  • Unreasonable Behaviour – It refers to either the wife or husband behaving so badly that the couple can no longer stay together. This includes physical violence, refusing to pay for the expenses, verbal abuse.

  • Separation (2 years) - You may get a divorce in the UK if you have been separated for more than 2 years and both should agree on a divorce.

  • Adultery – Generally referred to as an affair, is a common reason for divorce. For claiming adultery as the reason for divorce there are several restrictions.

  • It is not legally seen as a reason for divorce if the couple continues to live together for 6 months or more after the innocent is aware of the affair.

  • Adultery cannot be claimed if the affair is between two people of the same gender.

The time duration for the Divorce Process

The time duration depends entirely on the complications of the case. If there are multiple issues to resolve, the duration of a divorce process can be extended. In general, a divorce can take anywhere between six weeks and a year. For a more accurate estimate based on your circumstances, it is always recommended to consult a solicitor.


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