Complete Guide to Sole Representative Visa

  • Introduction

  • Who can be a sole representative?

  • Responsibilities of a sole representative

  • Eligibility requirements

  • Duration of stay

  • Conditions of stay

  • Documents required for the sole representative visa

  • What is the fee for a sole representative visa?

  • Is it possible to extend the visa?

  • How long does it take to process the visa application?

  • Get help from visa solicitors at Osbourne Pinner


A sole representative visa is among the few remaining non-points-based work visa options that provide an attractive option to international investors and businesspersons to enter and expand their businesses in the UK. It is one of the popular business immigration routes to the UK. Overseas businesses who are looking to send their employees to the UK for setting up a subsidiary or a branch can apply through the sole representative visa category. It is an excellent option for businesses to set up their presence in the UK to test the market without the added expense of setting up a branch office and recruiting the local workforce.

Britain is the fifth-largest economy in the world and offers huge opportunities for businesses to grow and expand. Sole representative is a great business immigration route where companies can send their representative to test the waters before making a full commitment. Read the complete e-book, prepared by UK immigration solicitors, to find step-by-step information on the visa.

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Who can be a Sole Representative?

A sole representative applying for business immigration is a foreign citizen who is:

  • An employee of a company outside of the UK looking to set up their branch or a subsidiary in the UK.

  • A senior member of the enterprise who possesses the required skills and authority to make decisions on behalf of the company.

  • Replacing the previous sole representative.

  • An employee of a news agency, newspaper, or broadcasting company outside the UK.

Responsibilities of a Sole Representative

The responsibilities of a sole representative are to establish the branch or the subsidiary of the overseas company and take strategic decisions on its behalf. The home office also takes into account:

  • The contract of employment for the sole representative

  • Job description of the sole representative

  • Existing and future business plans of the overseas enterprise

As part of the corporate immigration under the sole representative for overseas business, one must fulfil the above-mentioned responsibilities.

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