A Complete Guide for the UK Graduate Route

  • What is the Graduate Route?

  • Qualification to Apply for the Graduate Route

  • When and Where to Apply?

  • Money, Fees, and Knowledge of English

  • Education Funded by a Government or Scholarship Agency

  • Applying in 2021: Some Extra Considerations

  • Alternatives to the Graduate Route

  • Extending Stay after the Graduate Route

  • Legal Service Provided by Osbourne Pinner with Graduate Route

What is the Graduate Route?

The graduate route or the Post Study Work in the UK is a new work route under immigration laws for people who have a professional degree or other skilful qualifications from an approved higher education provider in the UK. You do not need any sponsorship for your application or any endorsement by an employer or the university. The graduate route mechanism is quite similar to the Tier-1 Post-Study Work route that was scrapped in 2012. The graduate route is open only for those applicants who have successfully completed their degree and have a valid student visa or tier-4 permission when they apply in the month of July 2021.

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When and Where to Apply?

The applications to the graduate route open on July 1st, 2021, at 0900. Candidates can apply only in the UK. The immigration rule makes no provision to apply from one’s home country or any other country apart from the UK. If you are residing outside the UK with valid tier-4 permission, you will have to travel to the UK to stand for the graduate route program. If you are not sure how to proceed with your application or don’t have clarity about the rules and regulations, then contact our expert lawyers in London at Osbourne Pinner. They will help you navigate the immigration laws easily. The deadline to make the application is till the expiry of tier-4 or student permission. If you apply within this period, your current stay permission will be automatically increased until you hear back from the authorities on your graduate route application’s final result.

Applying in 2021: Some Extra Considerations

Owing to the current pandemic, we at Osbourne Pinner advise you to plan your application carefully. If you have any issues regarding the application or require employment advice, our immigration law firm will help you.

Make sure that you consider the complete implications of travelling to the UK following all the restrictions for the Covid-19 emergency. People arriving in England from a red country list will have to book a 10-day stay at a designated quarantine hotel at their own expense.

Also, the application does not mandate any minimum monetary requirements, but you will need money to pay for your living costs. Consider all these before you travel to the UK. You can also contact the law firms in London for legal advice that will guide you with all the necessary points, dos, and don’ts in detail.

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Legal Service Provided by Osbourne Pinner with Graduate Route

Osbourne Pinner is the best immigration law firm in London that provides detailed consultations and employment advice to prospective applicants opting for the graduate route. We provide expert legal services to ease your way into working in the United Kingdom in a lawful manner.

Osbourne Pinner is one of London’s most reliable immigration law firms and advises candidates to apply, renew, and manage their license to work in the UK. Applying and managing for the graduate route license can be a complicated and excruciating task, but with our employment law firm, you will get practical advice and easily navigate the process.

If you are enrolled in an approved higher education institution and looking to extend your stay and scout work opportunities in the UK, then call our expert legal team at Osbourne Pinner. We will arrange consultations and assist you with your sponsor license. We provide assistance with all kinds of immigration work visas and protect you from breaking any immigration law. Osbourne Pinner can help you with:

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