A Complete Guide for Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements in the UK

  • What is a Nuptial Agreement?

  • Contents of Nuptial Agreements

  • Objectives of Nuptial Agreements

  • Benefits of a Nuptial Agreement

  • Are Nuptial Agreements Legally Binding?

  • Steps to Making a Practical Nuptial Agreement

  • Requirements for the Agreement to Qualify

  • Conclusion

  • How can Osbourne Pinner Provide Legal Assistance with Nuptial Agreements?

The facts about the cost and acrimony caused by a divorce can be found on a regular basis in the UK media, uncovering the divorce details of rich and wealthy celebrities. Details about nuptial agreements are also discussed as being important to the division of the millions of separating couples. A nuptial agreement is important for common men and women for financial planning and need not be controversial if approached sensitively and fairly by the lawyers in London.

What is a Nuptial Agreement?

This is a written agreement that can be entered into before (pre-nuptial) or after marriage (post-nuptial) that outlines what the couple agrees will happen to the financials and other matters in case of a divorce in the future. A nuptial agreement prepared in the presence of a family law solicitor provides for the fair division of assets and property. It also outlines how much maintenance shall be paid by a spouse to another.

The landmark judgment in the Radmacher v Granatino case in 2010 provided extra power to nuptial agreements to safeguard the assets and capital of those entering into marriages or civil partnership.

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Contents of Nuptial Agreements

Usually, a nuptial agreement outlines that which party owns or will own the assets and capital after a divorce. At Osbourne Pinner, we build a nuptial agreement clearly defining matrimonial property and non-matrimonial property. The former includes the assets acquired during the marriage and held jointly, while the latter includes assets owned before the marriage, inheritance, and gifts received during the marriage. Good law firms in London like us will help you chalk out the agreement in a clear and concise manner without conceding undue leverage to the other party. Nuptial agreements also include the financial provision of existing children but do not usually include the financial provision for any future children.

Benefits of a Nuptial Agreement

During a divorce, all the assets are up for division, meaning any assets regardless of ownership could be subject to a court order mandating it to be transferred to the other partner or divided equally as the court deems correct. However, if entered into correctly with the help of professional lawyers in London, a nuptial agreement can help you protect your assets in the event of divorce or dissolution.

A comprehensive nuptial agreement drawn by the best divorce lawyers London can effectively save expenses and reduce the acrimony between the divorcing couples if the terms are fair.

It also limits the court’s involvement just to approve the pre-agreed financial terms instead of drawing out the entire agreement by itself.

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How can Osbourne Pinner Provide Legal Assistance with Nuptial Agreements?

At Osbourne Pinner, we assist our clients in drafting a pragmatic nuptial agreement so as to protect their finances and assets from getting divided arbitrarily in favour of another partner. If you are looking for the best divorce lawyers online to safeguard your financial interest before and after the marriage, then our divorce lawyers will be the best option for you. We take into account the legal nuances of your situations and accordingly draw out a feasible nuptial agreement to provide you with the best possible legal solutions. Osbourne Pinner is among the top most law firms in London that offers viable and reliable legal assistance to its clients.

We shoulder the legal hassle of courts for our clients and help them obtain favourable judgements from the divorce courts in England and Wales. We offer easy and accessible legal options to our clients in the UK. You can easily look up our best divorce lawyers online and connect with them to get both pre-nuptial agreement and post-nuptial agreement made. If you want to understand how your individual situations apply to the law, practical issues, and planning for the future, then contact Osbourne Pinner. We provide a host of legal services to support individuals with their marriage and divorce planning and keep them protected against undue scrutiny of the court of law.

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