Civil Litigation Solicitors in London

At Osbourne Pinner we aim to offer extremely reliable, efficient and affordable services for litigation matters. Our team are dedicated to that we are able to obtain the best results for you and ensuring that we are always acting in your best interest.

We aim to provide legal solutions to meet our client’s objectives in the most cost-effective and simplest way as we believe that early resolution of any dispute is the first step of avoiding what could otherwise be a lengthy, expensive and stressful process. Our team has the experience to assist in identifying potentially contentious litigation issues.

Early intervention will ensure that the case is managed not only cost effectively but also be the best solution resulting in the best outcome.

Our expert litigators at Osbourne Pinner are always on hand to advise in all types of disputes and will always adopt the approach that litigation, due to the significant expenses and anxiety involved, should always be seen as a last resort for the most intractable of legal disputes.

Our solicitors can facilitate litigation at all levels of court with particular focus upon the following:

  • Contractual dispute
  • Domestic arrangements
  • Debt Recovery
  • Insurance Coverage Issues
  • Bankruptcy
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant Issues

Litigation Process

Osbourne Pinner are able to assist clients in resolving a range of civil disputes from the likes of unpaid obligations, unfulfilled contract terms and the majority of disputes that do not involve criminal conduct.

The Civil Procedure Rules in England & Wales require that all parties involved should make a reasonable effort to settle their dispute by way of some sort of negotiation in the first instance. In the event this proves to be unsuccessful, they are then encouraged to consider other forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediation.

Litigation Solicitor

At Osbourne Pinner we are able to advise claimants on whether they have a valid claim that has a reasonable prospect of success; and defendants on whether to settle or resist a claim made against them.

Our services include advising on necessary witness evidence to support the client’s position, collating supporting evidence, preparing a case strategy for matter to succeed.  We ensure that we have complied with pre action protocols, issue court proceedings and maintain expert conduct of the case through to completion this includes; dealing with exchange of correspondence, following court directions if required or otherwise make necessary application if such directions have been missed and/or ensure that any claims if required to eb issued are issued within the time limit as they may otherwise become statutory barred.

We are further able to draft particulars of claim, issues proceedings using the necessary court forms i.e. Form N1 Claim form. If we are defending any such claim then responding to the court with acknowledgment of service issuing defence, preparing witness statements etc. Upon issuing proceedings or responding to any there may be a requirement to attend court for directions or trial, in any case we are prepared for all such stages.

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