Compliance visits and sponsor license audits

The Home Office UK visits all Sponsor Licence holders to check compliance. Needless to say, all licence holder companies must meet compliance guidelines. In recent times, the government of the UK is focusing more on the businesses that have employed non-UK nationals. Due to this sudden shift in the government’s focus, premises visits (which were […]

How is an Investor Visa the Fastest Way to Enter the UK?

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to live, work, study, or conduct business because of its business-friendly climate, high living quality, education, and healthcare facilities. The tier-1 investor visa is one of the fastest routes to enter the UK for high net-worth individuals and families. It is a business immigration route that […]

UK Post-Study Work Visa Options

The UK government revealed a new post-study work visa for international students studying in the UK to stay and look for a job for up to two years from their graduation date. This new UK work visa is touted as the flagship initiative to make the UK more attractive for international students. The new rule […]

Guidance for Global Talent Arts and Culture Visa

The global talent visa (Arts and Culture) is rolled out for the artists, performers, and creative professionals who want to live and work in the UK. For the global talent visa application, the applicant must be engaged professionally in producing, performing, presenting, or distributing internationally acclaimed work. They must have displayed regular professional engagement in […]

How can IT Companies use the Sponsor Licence in the UK?

The UK government strictly regulates the influx of immigration of migrant workers into the UK. Foreign nationals looking for work and settling in the UK need to get a job offer from companies with sponsor licences. If you are an international student currently studying in the UK, you will have to obtain a job offer […]

How is the UK a Prosperous Country for Startups?

The UK economy has improved faster than the rest of the major European economies to become one of the most lucrative marketplaces to start a business. In terms of opportunities for entrepreneurs, the UK ranks sixth among the countries where people are encouraged to be more entrepreneurial and innovative and strive for a higher income […]

How much Investment You need for the UK Startup Visa?

The UK startup visa is a new immigration route opened for young entrepreneurs from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland to establish a new business in the UK. Replacing the earlier tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa allows even non-graduate applicants to enter the UK and set up their businesses without any initial funding. The […]

How to Switch from a Tier 2 Visa to a Global Talent Visa?

The global talent visa is designed specifically for foreign nationals above 18 years who display exceptional talent and the ability to contribute to growing the UK’s position within the global economy. Applicants who show promise or significant talent in engineering, medicine, science, arts, humanities, architecture, films, fashion, or digital technology can apply through this route […]

How to get an Endorsement for a UK Startup Visa?

Launched in March 2019, the UK startup visa provides a route to enter the UK but also works towards settlement and British citizenship. The UK start up visa is for foreign nationals outside of the European Economic Area who are at the initial stages of developing their business. Under this visa route, applicants must exhibit […]

How to work in the UK after completing studies?

For international students, the United Kingdom has traditionally been a desirable study location. However, staying in the UK after completing your course might be tough. However, when applying for a UK start up visa, you have various alternatives to choose from, and you should carefully consider each one before determining which is best for you. […]