How Corporates Can Improve their Productivity in UK

It is a known fact that the UK’s productivity has been dismal. It has lagged behind that of other comparable economies since the 1970s and has witnessed an exponential slowdown since the financial crisis in the Year 2008 regardless of UK workers putting in longer working hours. Plus, the COVID-19 situation has also contributed to […]

What is the New Visa Scheme for Fintech Workers in the UK?

A lot is going on in Brexit’s case, and people are trying to have every piece of information on the current heat. Let us enlighten on the new Visa scheme to attract the fintech pioneers to grow their business. As per the records, half a billion citizens left the UK permanently. Thus, Ron Kalifa’s independent […]

What is the New Work Permit Scheme in the UK?

The UK is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after immigration destinations for people willing to move to a new country. However, the immigration system in the UK is quite restrictive. Work Permit in the UK No one can apply for a work permit in the UK directly. Employers have to apply on behalf of potential […]

Benefits of Moving To the UK

The UK is a top destination for those who are looking to make a move with good reason. Whether you’re in search of a better life, natural beauty, or culture, the UK offers all and more in spades. Here are 10 grounds to consider for relocating to the UK. Historical Background The UK is soaked […]

How British Politics Affecting Immigration in the UK?

Brexit has allowed higher control on the flow of immigration work visa holders to the UK from the rest of the European Union. Now, natives are concerned that the increasing immigration rate might negatively impact their wages, life standard and jobs. However, the high rate of immigration migrants indicate overall betterment as the UK work […]

K. LTD – Success Story of Sponsor Licence & Tier 2 General

Osbourne Pinner was instructed to assist in the submission of a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence application for a world-leading business in the UK. The company was expanding and was experiencing difficulties in finding a highly skilled and suitable candidate. The company placed an advertisement on its website. Even though the vacancy was advertised on the […]

1st December 2020 – Eligibility Criteria for Tech Nation Visa (Global Talent Visa)

    On the 1st December 2020 the Eligibility Criteria for Tech Nation Visa will change. Please note that the following substantial changes that may affect your eligibility will be in force as of 01 December 2020. Applicants who have already submitted their Application for Endorsement form and paid the associated Stage 1 fee on […]

The Main Changes to the Immigration Rules for International Students

The rules will apply to EEA nationals as well as non-EEA nationals from 1 January 2021. EEA nationals will be required to meet the same requirements to study within the UK as non-EEA nationals and will need to apply under the Student rules. There will be greater flexibility to switch into the student categories from within the […]

UK Visa and Immigration Advice during the COVID-19 spread

    Today, the 22 May 2020, the Home Office have updated their guidance for UK Visa Applicants in the UK and their visa (leave expires) between 24 January 2020 and 31 July 2020 Your visa will be extended to 31 July 2020 in the circumstances where you cannot leave the UK because of the […]