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When It’s Time to Call a Divorce Lawyer

Marriage is the beautiful union of two souls. It is the beginning of a life-long relationship. However, not every marriage is holding up on good terms. When things go completely out of control, then ending a marriage with a divorce could be the most sensible decision you can take with a legal solicitor’s help. However, ending a marriage is one of the hardest decisions an individual can make. Once, you have finally decided to end the marriage, meeting the right divorce lawyer like Osbourne Pinner is very important.

The thought of having a divorce is enough to break a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And, if we add children to the equation, then things are much harder. It is always better to consult a divorce lawyer like us with years of experience and an exceptionally high success rate in family law if you finally made the decision yourself and want no trouble in the divorce process. We can help you settle your divorce with ease.

Here are some warning signs that tell you it’s time to consult a divorce lawyer

Emotional and Physical Abuse

Abuse is the worst part of a marriage. It could be very tormenting and unhealthy for both partners emotionally and physically. When a partner shows abusive behaviour towards the other, it is a clear sign of disrespect. Respect is the most important factor behind a healthy relationship. Emotional abuse could be more harmful to a relationship since it leaves an everlasting impact. The abused often run into trust issues when emotionally abused for a long time.

Poor Connection

A strong bond in a marriage is everything to ensure that each partner enjoys each other’s company. Even during a quarrel, a good connection can help the partners to restore their relationship. However, if the connectivity is broken, it is no longer a viable marriage. If you feel that you or your spouse is continuously running away, then it might be the right time to seek for a divorce solicitor in London like us.

No Efforts

Continuing the previous point, a commitment requires deep connections. You or your partner might be very engaged in work to make a living. However, efforts for each other matters. Both partners have to be dedicated to surviving through the hard times, ready to make compromises and put efforts to keep the relationship alive. However, there could be a point where both the partners have given up and are unwilling to put efforts into the relationship. It is better to seek a divorce solicitor to end such a connectionless marriage peacefully.

Demanding the Custody of Child

Many married couples can land in serious quarrels over the custody of their child. Such situations could be very stressful for both parents. It is the first sign to consider legal separation and take decisions with a divorce solicitor’s help. Osbourne Pinner fights to protect the rights of mother/father etc. It is better to end a marriage with the dispute of the child’s custody. It could create a long-lasting negative impact on marriage in the future.

You are More Like Roommates than a Married Couple

Everything might feel all right, but nothing is really like a married couple. The mutual attraction between you and partner might be gone, and you don’t even realize that. You still might be good friends, but there’s no attraction between you and your spouse. You are just sharing a common house like roommates without any love or attraction. Sadly, it might be a reminder to call for a divorce solicitor.

Unfair Claims on the Shared Property

You might be having shared property. If your spouse is having unfair claims on the property without considering your rights, then it could be a warning sign of an advantageous marriage. This clear red sign should be taken seriously and seek a divorce solicitor like us to avoid being financially bankrupt. We can help our client to get the best financial settlement after divorce.

We understand that filing a divorce is not an easy decision, especially when you have spent so many years with your spouse. However, you have to take the decision at the right time before things get ugly and completely out of hands. Try to consider the warning signs to make the right choice.

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