Family & Divorce


When a wedding is on the horizon, it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the fun stuff; the dress, the cake, the venue, the favours and all the other exciting stuff. Ideally if you’re making the leap to getting married you should have disclosed all financial information and had the big talks about children and long-term plans.

However, pre-nuptial agreements should be at the top of the list. It’s often a hard conversation to have as many people feel that they’re admitting the marriage won’t be forever. This isn’t the case, it’s all about being realistic and protecting yourself and your assets in a modern era.

Try and move past the awkward part of the conversation and bring it up with your future spouse, it might be a hard part of your wedding planning but it will be beneficial overall. Hopefully your partner will be on board with protecting their assets to and understand that it makes financial sense.

A prenup can include a multitude of factors and outcomes, with the exception of child custody. This could include support, what will be considered joint, how the division assets will occur in the event of a separation.

Honesty and communication is an important part of drafting a prenup, ensuring both of you have your own solicitors and divulge every aspect of your financial life. Try not to let the negotiations affect your relationship, and remember you’re just being well-informed adults managing your affairs.

Whilst a happy couple about to embark on a wonderful new chapter of their lives may not want to envision their lives ending in divorce or separation, but in the circumstances that it does happen both of you will be protected as you will have defined the situation in the agreement.

Once the hard part of putting the prenup is in place, you can get back to crafting the wedding of your dreams and working on a happy marriage!

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