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Coping with a divorce

Coping with a divorce

No matter how amicable the situation, divorce is never pleasant. To add insult to injury, most of divorces are because of a bitter separation, making a difficult situation even worse.

Everybody believes on their wedding day that marriage is for life, nobody thinks that the love you share on that day will end, usually in tears, heartache, and turmoil. However, this is reality and it does happen.
Here at Osbourne Pinner we specialise in family law and separation and we deal with cases of varying degrees every day. We help families to deal with the consequences of separation and the legalities of divorce.
With that in mind, we’ve devised this list of our top 3 pieces of advice for dealing with a divorce:


It is very tempting to cut off all contact and become withdrawn from the situation, however, communication is crucial to any divorce proceedings. It’s important to communicate with your spouse, your lawyers, your family and if necessary, divorce support experts.

By being open to communication, the proceedings will be much easier on you mentally, in comparison to if you avoided the situation.

The Children

Often when a marriage ends, children are involved and in bitter disputes can be used as ammunition. Avoid this, communicate with your children if they’re of an age to be able to understand, and try and keep their routine the same. Keep any disagreements and arguments away from the children, and always reassure them that no matter what happens between the two of you, you will always love them.

Know Your Rights

During a marriage, and the relationship to proceed it, you will be used to being part of a couple and the rights that go along with it. Be sure that during the proceedings of the divorce that you know your rights. Your lawyer will be able to advise about this.

We hope these 3 pieces of advice for dealing with a divorce have helped, if you need support, advice or legal help with a divorce please get in touch.

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